Ordo 2017

[UPDATE (20.03.2017): Section from January to mid-March closed; section from mid-March to mid-May opened.]
[UPDATE (01.06.2017): Section from mid-March to mid-May closed; section from mid-May to early August opened.]
[UPDATE (27.09.2017): Section from mid-May to early August closed; section from early August to December opened.]

In 2015 (here) and recently (here), we mentioned that “[due] to layout constraints, and to avoid optically cluttering the calendar, we decided to include only the proper feasts of our archdioceses” in it, adding that “[all] diocesan proper feasts […] will be inscribed in the directorium.

We now present the directorium, the old name by which the ordo was called. This is only a portion of the entire ordo, spanning from January until the beginning of March. Feasts proper to ecclesiastic circumscriptions are here included (e.g., p. 19 for the feast of Saint William, patron and titular of the cathedrals of San Fernando de La UniĆ³n, Laoag, and Tabuk), as well as notes on peculiar practices in the Philippines (e.g., p. 29 on the Via Crucis processions).

Ordo 2017

The entries in this ordo are based on the preconciliar ordines that we have in our possession, augmented with necessary details from the present ones. This ordo begins with 1 January and ends with 31 December, as most ordines in the past did. Certain devotional practices are added in the Appendices, and towards the end are the Indices. After these is a supplement with the Offices proper to the Philippines.

Ut in omnibus laudetur Dominus.

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