Monday, 31 December 2018

Traditional Ordo 2019

As last year, we are again presently prevented from producing both a calendar and an ordo for 2019. And so, we decided to prioritise the ordo, which we now present in its prefinal form. It goes without saying that this ordo is intended for the Philippines, inscribed with our national proper feasts, the proper feasts of our ecclesiastic circumscriptions, even the episcopal anniversaries of our ordinaries. One will find that the SecondSunday after Epiphany is vacated in the archipelago in favour of the Holy Child of Cebu; that the feast of Saint Vitalis, usually kept on 28 April for the entire Archdiocese of Cebu, is transferred this year to the following day, 29 April, due to the occurring Low Sunday; and that the election anniversary of Mons. Medil Aseo ought to be celebrated with a solemn votive Mass on 4 April in the Cathedral of Tagum, and commemorated throughout the diocese. For the other particulars of this ordo, read this.

Again, the structure and format of this ordo follows the old style, where the entries begin with 1 January and ends with 31 December. Currently, the ordo opens for the months from January to April. A final booklet format will replace the one currently uploaded.

Ut in omnibus laudetur Dominus.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Reminder: 2018 Ash Wednesday fast and abstinence

This year, Ash Wednesday falls on 14 February. Imagine the crisis many would unnecessarily undergo to dignify their life choices on this day.There’s Valentine’s Day, a secular observance of a Catholic feast now sanctified by the nominal Catholic in establishments of easy virtue. There’s Ash Wednesday, of course, which despite not being a holiday of obligation, draws the whole nation inside churches to receive ashes. Let’s try to kill two birds with one stone this Wednesday: recover the sanctity of Saint Valentine’s feast, and observe the precept of fasting and abstinence.

Luis Egidio Meléndez, 1770
Museo del Prado

The wisest advice given for this occasion is this: Sanctify the day by going to Mass, with our special someone, early in the morning to receive ashes. Eat our full meal afterwards with that special someone. (We have to do it before lunch, as hunger possesses that immense power to coax out our twistedness.) Of course, exclude nourishing fleshmeat from all of our meals. That means no beef, no pork, no chicken. Have a proportionate helping instead of fish, shellfish, reptiles, amphibians, and other acceptably edible ectotherms. Spend the rest of the day either in prayer, or in other meaningful activities that will not endanger virtue.

Now, back to fasting and abstinence:

More on the timeline of fasting and abstinence in the Philippines here and here.

Together, let us fast and abstain. Ubi ieiunium aboletur, ibi Ecclesia evanescat.

Ut in omnibus laudetur Dominus.