Sunday, 18 May 2014

IV Sunday after Easter A.D. 2014

On 18 May 2014, Fourth Sunday after Easter, Mass was celebrated at the Parish of the Holy Family in the Diocese of Cubao. Assisting were members of the Societas Ecclesia Dei Sancti Ioseph – Una Voce Philippines.

At the Gospel and at the homily.

At the Consecration.

At the distribution of Holy Communion.

Ut in omnibus laudetur Dominus.

All photos © Maurice Joseph M. Almadrones

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  1. Sharing an interest in the Traditional Rites of the Church, I have grown fond of reading your posts and looking at photos of celebrations I am not able to attend. I thank you for this and I would appreciate it if you would be able to give us more information on feasts and rites proper to the Philippines and on traditional Catholic practices.