Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Moda, traditio atque juventus in memibus

Fashion, tradition and the youth in memes

But, wait!


One with the alter Christus are the young faithful of Christ



Overheard at the hacienda

Don Mauricio: Doña Angélica, I thought it was a ‘carnival’? How come it is now a ‘fashion show’?

Doña Angélica: Facundo (her henchman), fathom the issue for Don Mauricio! Now!]

Well, what can we say,

Images from the Internet, principally Orbis Catholicus Secundus

Photos and ideas © Maurice Joseph M. Almadrones, Ronald Rae M. Yu, Gerald Emmanuel S. Ceñir, Carlo Oliver M. Olayta, Weldann Lester A. Panganiban, Juhnar Anicetus C. Esmeralda, et al.

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