Sunday, 12 May 2013

Paradigm shift

I hope this is the only time an entry on this blog is peopled with so many references to the first person.

I read blogs. Out of habit and out of duty. I have longs since stopped reading contemporary news as they are to me the summary of all things repugnant. Not so much of the material but of the writers. (Although I do not have the wealth of the plutocratic haciendera known to us cheap telenovela viewers as Doña Angélica de Santibánez, I may have the same amount of vitriol as she does.) Facundo, her ever-devoted henchman, can probably write better news than most news mills.

I read blogs. In fact, I’m a lurker, and I hope this is the only blogspeak I learn. Lurking is akin to invisibility, which is a glorious device for the proverbial wallflower. I’d rather be invisible at all times than be an aphoristic example for the dictum: 
In times of peace, invincible. In times of war, invisible.
I am not a wallflower, though. I just do not like broadcasting my opinion in a podium that is not Facebook.

Invisibility is not quite like anonymity. Invisibility is like a girl fantasising about Daniel Radcliffe fathering her future litter. The girl knows Daniel Radcliffe exists, but the poor British actor has no idea of the girl’s existence. Anonymity, on the other hand, is sending him an unsigned postcard. That’s where it gets a little interesting and creepy.

My first blogging experience was due to a university English writing class. We were exploring patchwork story writing, wherein each member of a group develops a certain segment of the storyline by updating a blogpost. It never held up, both blog and story, and they both ended somewhere in that fathomless sea of numbers and codes.

Quoting Holy Writ:
Infixus sum in limo profundi, et non est substantia.
Good! I managed to manoeuver towards Latin, which somehow provides a good preview of the future contents of this blog.

Not linguistics, you silly!

Holy Mother Church. The Philippine Church, in particular. There are people out there already writing for the Church, and I am relieved to enter that community as a mote, barely detectible and conspicuous.

In case it escaped you, this blog is Catholic. And just to polarise, you may append before it the adjective traditional.

With this, I am placing this blog under the protection of the Holy Cross, whose Invention is honoured in the Philippine Islands throughout the month of May, and of Saint Pudentiana, the first patroness of the Islands. This blog will surely bungle my already blasted circadian rhythm. My only consolation is the hope that it can be informative.

Ut Deus interretialia haec commentaria conservare digneris.

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  1. Muchisima gracias por las informaciones muy interesante y importante.
    I always visit your blog because this gives me great Joy and hope.
    I pray that you continue this opera bonum per maiorem gloriam Dei et Sancta Ecclesia suae.
    May God bless us all.